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NIAC’s internal documents-Series one
Lobby organization: IIC

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Hassan Dai
Source: [www.iranianlobby.com] 

NIAC’s internal documents-Series one

Trita Parsi: from Sweden to US

Lobby organization: IIC

1997 - 2001

Discovery Documents: Part One


1991: Parsi came to US as a high school exchange student and was hosted by Bob Ney

Document: Letter for Bob

Written by Parsi to the judge in favor of Bob Ney - 1.16.2007

Quote from the original document:

“When I came to the US from Sweden in 1991 as a high-school exchange student, I was fortunate enough to get acquainted with Mr. Ney, who at the time served as a State Senator. I later ended up in a disagreement with my host-family and risked being sent back to Sweden without having completed my studies in the US. As the host-family and the organization who had arranged for my stay in the US were preparing to send me back to Sweden, Mr. Ney stepped in and took me in with his own family. It was nothing less than a random act of kindness.”


Who is Bob Ney?

Trita Parsi worked closely with Bob Ney from 1997 till 2005 when his corruption was revealed to the public. Ney, a former Congressman from Ohio, was sentenced to 30 months in prison for corruption. Part of his indictment and plea agreement is related to the bribes he received from Fouad Al Zayat, an arm dealer in London who worked for the Iranian regime. For some information on Bob Ney: See this brief power presentation


1996: Parsi met Siamak Namazi from Iran. Since then, Namazi has been Parsi’s partner in lobbying

Parsi told the Washington Times on 11.13.2009


Quote from the article:

“The genesis of NIAC goes back more than a decade to when Mr. Parsi was a student in Sweden. In 1996, he met another Iranian expatriate, Siamak Namazi. Mr. Namazi had a degree in urban planning but had recently joined a firm in Iran that sought to bring Western business standards to the Islamic Republic”


Who is Siamak Namazi?

He has been managing director of Atieh Bahar Consulting. Atieh group works with the Iranian government.

For a complete review of Namazi and Atieh Bahar see the following exhibits at:




1997: Living in Swededn, Trita Parsi founded the US based organization called the “Iranians for International Cooperation (IIC), the first Iranian lobby group to remove US political and economic sanctions against Iran

Document : IIC CV

Date: June 1999 by Parsi

Quote from the original document:


IIC was founded in August 1997 by Trita Parsi, the present President. While conducting research on Iran for US Congressmen in Washington DC in 1997, he recognized the necessity of establishing a lobbying organization …


IIC’s main objective is to safeguard Iran’s and Iranian’s interests. Currently, our agenda is topped by the removal of US economic and political sanctions against Iran, and the commencement of an Iran-US dialogue.

What we can achieve

IIC is capable of organising the grassroots and pressure US lawmakers to pose a more Iran friendly position. We are also capable of undertaking nation-wide fax and petition campaigns. Furthermore, we have extensive contacts with the US media and can have IIC representatives participate in TV and radio debates. Moreover, we have highly educated members whit excellent diplomatic skills who can play the role of mediators between Iran and the US. We are, however, not fully capable of raising substantial amounts of money as of yet. But bearing in mind the age of our organisation, we are confident that we will double our fund-raising capacity this year.


Parsi described the IIC as a lobby organization

Document: IIC FAQ to Congress

Date: June 1999 by Parsi

Quote from the original document:

Q: What is IIC, is it a political party or a lobby organization?

A: IIC is not a political party or even a political organization. We consider ourselves a lobby organization; we use our constitutional rights to influence our elected representatives. But we have no ambition to run for public office! We simply do not consider ourselves an alternative to the regime or to the opposition.


In his personal CV, Parsi explains IIC’s activities

Document: Curriculum Vitae, till BOB

By Trita Parsi. date: June 1999

Extra Curricular Activities

Iranians for International Cooperation (http://www.iic.org/)

Quote from the original document:

Founder and elected President (1997-99)

  • Established the first lobby group in the US to support the normalization of ties between Iran and the US.
  • Increased membership from 15 to 500 members worldwide in less than two years.
  • Interviewed by AP, Reuters, RFE and other news agencies.
  • Lobbied the US Congress, EU and Swedish Parliaments.


In another personal CV, Parsi explains IIC’s activities

Document: CV, 20010830 ECON

Trita Parsi’s resume written by himself 2001

Extra Curricular Activities

Iranians for International Cooperation (http://www.iic.org/)

Quote from the original document:

Founder and elected President (1997-99)

  • Increased membership from 15 to 1000 members worldwide
  • Lobbied the US Congress, EU and Swedish Parliaments.


Parsi worked as a lobbyist a lobby firm in Sweden

Document: “Standard”

By Parsi, Auguste 2000

Quote from the original document:

“I am currently working as a strategy consultant and lobbyist at Kreab, Scandinavia’s largest PR and Communications firm. At Kreab, I have advised multinationals, Internet startups and interest organizations on political, communications and strategy issues. My experience in government affairs and communications consulting has provided me with a deep understanding of teamwork, coalition building and media relations.”


1997: Parsi became Bob Ney’s foreign policy advisor

Document: CV, 20020131

Trita Parsi’s resume written by himself January 2002

Quote from the original document:

Work Experience

Chairman Robert Ney (R-OH)

Foreign Policy Advisor, Middle East and South East Asia 1997, 2001


Trita Parsi explains his work for Bob Ney

Curriculum Vitae US version 0724

Trita Parsi’s resume written by himself, August 2000

Quote from the original document:

Qualification Summary

  • Strategy Consultant at Sweden’s largest communications/lobby firm

Congressman Robert Ney, Washington DC

Policy Advisor (June - August 1997)

  • Adviced on US foreign policy on Middle Eastern issues
  • Monitored the political and economic situation in the Mideast
  • Authored three reports on US-Iran relations which were used by Congressman Ney to alter his position vis-à-vis Iran


Parsi influenced Bob Ney to become the most ardent US Congressman defending rapprochement policy with Iran

Document : IIC CV

Trita Parsi’s CV written by himself, June 1999

Quote from the original document:


The first achievement of IIC can be traced back to the summer of 1997 when Trita Parsi worked as a political consultant for Congressman Robert Ney of Ohio. Congressman Ney was at the time a proponent of the US’s isolation policy of Iran and had contacts with the Mujahedine Khalq terrorist organisation. Mr. Parsi was hired to consult the Ohio Congressman on his policy vis-à-vis Iran, and persuade him to reconsider his position in favour of a pro-dialogue, pro-engagement policy.


Parsi influenced Bob Ney to become the most ardent US Congressman defending rapprochement policy with Iran

Document: “Standard”

By Parsi, Auguste 2000

Quote from the original document:

Most of my work experience has pertained to politics, government affairs and communication. I have worked in the United States Congress as a political advisor to Congressman Robert Ney of Ohio, formulating and marketing his position vis-à-vis Iran. My job at his office was to point out to him the benefits of engagement with Iran and persuade him to change his position to favor such a policy. This task was successfully accomplished and Congressman Ney are today one of Capitol Hill’s most outspoken advocates of dialogue with Iran.”


Another version of Parsi’s CV - This time he served Bob Ney after 2001

Document: WWC Coverletter

He writes: (September 2005)

Quote from the original document:

“I believe that my background in policy making makes me particularly suitable for this project. I have served as a Foreign Policy Advisor to Congressman Bob Ney (R-OH) on a part-time basis since 2001. My work on Capitol Hill has primarily been focused on US-Iran relations and nuclear non-proliferation.”


Parsi describes his success to change Bob Ney’s position toward Iran

document: “Statement of purpos”

December 2000, written by Parsi

Quote from the original document:

“In 1997, I worked as policy advisor on MidEastern issues to Congressman Robert Ney of Ohio. My job was to reformulate Ney’s position vis-à-vis Iran. At the time, Ney was a supporter of the Clinton Administration’s isolation policy of Iran. By identifying the long-term strategic necessity of befriending Iran and showing how such a policy should be pursued, I was successful in convincing Ney to alter his position. In 1997, he became one of the first Congressmen to propagate dialogue with Tehran. Ever since, I have continued to act as his advisor and in early September 2000, I was invited to accompany him at the Conference on Dialogue Among Civilizations held at the UN.


Parsi’s lobby in the US congress was coordinated with Bob Ney

Document: Include Iran on FY 2001 Agriculture Appropriations Bill

Date: 5.29.2000

Parsi wrote to Bob Ney:

Quote from the original document:

“Thank you for the conversation we had on the phone just now. Below you will find a first draft of a letter we plan to send out to our members and Iranian-American webpages. We would appreciate if you gave comments on what else could be included in or excluded from the letter.

We are mostly interested in comments regarding the amendment itself, and perhaps arguments you wish to emphasize.

We would also appreciate if we could continue this communication so that we can adapt our activities to the developments in Congress.

At this stage, we believe that a fax/telephone/letter/email campaign will be more effective than a petition. But if you believe that a petition would be useful, we can launch one over the net.”

Source: www.iranianlobby.com

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