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Did NIAC defraud the Congressional fund?
Report on NIAC-NED relation

[ARTICLES]  [03 May 2010]  
Hassan Dai
Source: [www.iranianlobby.com] 

Following a defamation lawsuit brought by NIAC against me in 2008, and during its discovery phase, some of the NIAC’s internal documents related to its funding by NED have become available.

Later in early 2010, we also took the deposition by NIAC’s project manager for NED related programs.

Examination of official documents and NIAC’s internal memos, including email correspondence and financial reports suggests that NIAC has violated the rules governing Congressional funds in several ways:

Financial fraud: NIAC’s internal documents strongly suggest a pattern of abuse, deception and attempt to defraud the Congressional funds. Financial records suggest that NIAC charged NED for unjustified expenses, false pretexts and non-existent items. The Congressional funds were spent for NIAC’s own activities that were not related to those stated in the grant.

Reporting false results on the work specified in the grant award: NIAC intentionally misled NED about the project, grant activities and its impact. NIAC filed inaccurate reports to NED regarding projects success and outreach to the Iranian NGO’s. NIAC decided to hide the truth from NED officials.

Failure to perform the work specified in the grant award: All of the funded projects were indeed trivial activities with no impact on Iranian NGOs. NIAC intentionally misled the NED about the projects and its impact.

Collaboration with the Iranian regime: NIAC’s projects were approved and welcomed by the Iranian regime. For one project, the Iranian foreign ministry guided NIAC how to proceed and which partner it should choose. NIAC’s main partner in Iran was a false flag NGO created by the Iranian regime.

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