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Monday 29 May 2017



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State Department: The Side Kick in the NIAC show

[JOURNAL]  [14 Oct 2011]  
Hassan Dai
Source: [www.iranianlobby.com] 

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC), is a Washington based lobby organization advocating appeasement with, and removal of economic sanctions against the Iranian regime.  Due to the pro ayatollahs’ advocacy, and secret dealings with Iranian officials,  NIAC  is detested by the large majority of the Iranian Americans.  To create a perception  of popularity, Trita Parsi,  president of NIAC, and a dwindling number of NIAC top echelon  have campaigned tenaciously since August to organize a gathering of Iranian Americans in Washington DC, namely for a three-day conference  (See also document one and two). 

 After two months of large-scale campaign of emails, advertisement,  phone calls, and personal invitations, less than 20 people showed up for the NIAC show.  So much  for an organization that falsely claims to be the largest Iranian-American organization with more than 4000 members and 43000 active supporters! 

The group  picture below is of NIAC-show participants  in the Congress. More than 15 in the picture are NIAC’s paid employees and NIAC interns in Washington.  The rest are the fruits of two months of hard campaign. 

Grossly exaggerating and lying about its membership to pretend legitimacy is not new to NIAC.  For example, in a March 2006 meeting with Mark Silverman and William Ralph from Senator Chafee’s Office, Trita Parsi claimed that a survey was sent to 10000 NIAC members and a majority of them urged dialogue with the Iranian regime.  NIAC’s internal documents obtained during a lawsuit showed that only 193 members responded to this survey (see document one and two, as well as the article  “A seat at the table” by Hassan Dai). However, the week end failed show in Washington is the first time that NIAC so graphically captures its own demise.

The ridicule number of participants did not pose any problem for the State Department as its high ranking officials participatedin the show to make it a real "success". The Iranian American community (the handful that participated in NIAC show excluded) ask the US state Department, how long will this love affair with an organization (detested by the Iranian) whose sole purpose is to  undermine the US policies against the Iranian r theocratic regime will continue?  Is  State Department’s participation in the NIAC show an indication of its policy  or personal positions of the State Department’s officials  cavalier loose cannons?

Source: www.iranianlobby.com

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