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Thursday 22 June 2017


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NIAC Factbook
[14 Apr 2013]

Takeyh-Maloney's Report on Iran: Old Demands, New Arguments
[30 Jun 2011]
For almost three decades, a group of Iran experts have argued that the U.S. does not need to take harsh policies toward Iran simply because a more pragmatist leader will emerge in Tehran and accommodate the international norms and settle the Iran-U.S. problems. Now, Takeyh and Maloney have come forward and declare that the old game of finding the moderate faction in Tehran is over. U.S. should abandon...  more...

Did NIAC defraud the Congressional fund?
Report on NIAC-NED relation
[03 May 2010]
Examination of NIAC’s internal documents released during a defamation lawsuit suggests that this organization has violated the rules governing Congressional funds. NIAC’s actions deserve a full congressional investigation.  more...

NIAC's internal documents, Series 5, Part 2
How did NIAC spend the Congressional Funds?
[05 Jan 2010]
The review of the discovery documents suggests that Parsi and Mansouri’s main concern was to get the funds from NED and EF at any price and under any pretext. They also intended to not return the unused funds. These private communications suggest a pattern of deception and attempt to defraud the Congressional funds.  more...

NIAC’s internal documents-Series one
Lobby organization: IIC
[26 Dec 2009]
Trita Parsi: IIC was founded in August 1997 by Trita Parsi, the present President. While conducting research on Iran for US Congressmen in Washington DC in 1997, he recognized the necessity of establishing a lobbying organization … Currently, IIC's agenda is topped by the removal of US economic and political sanctions against Iran, and the commencement of an Iran-US dialogue.  more...

NIAC’s internal documents (Series 5)
Funding from NED and EF
[23 Dec 2009]
Parsi: I can tell you though that NIAC has a good name in iran and your association with it will not harm you. In fact, I believe two of our board members are in Iran as we speak!  more...

NIAC’s internal Documents- Series four
Parsi’s communications with M. Javad Zarif in 2006-2007
[23 Dec 2009]
Hope all is well and that you are back from Tehran. Would love to get a chance to see the proposal or to understand more what it entails. If it is substantial, then certainly members of Congress may find it a reasonable offer, even if the White House doesn’t Parsi  more...

NIAC’s internal document-Series three
Trita Parsi'e collaboration with Siamak Namazi
[23 Dec 2009]
Siamak Namazi to Parsi: “Agha, we need to carve out time to work on our discussion with Burns. If you have any policy papers I can look at, I could also start working on one for Hadley’s office. Once a draft is available, we can get input from our network and make it stronger.”  more...

NIAC’s internal documents-Series two
Trita Parsi: 2001-2002
[23 Dec 2009]
Trita Parsi: Although the mission of the proposed lobby should be to improve relations between the US and Iran and open up opportunities for trade, the initial targets should be less controversial issues such as visas and racial profiling/discrimination.  more...

The Iranian revolt and the role of pro- appeasement lobby in the US
[07 Jul 2009]
The pro-appeasement advocates are currently hard at work to limit the impact of the Iranian revolt and save their much publicized path of coexistence with the Iranian regime. They use every imaginable argument to prevent Obama from discarding the regime´s latest mockery of its elections. Obama´s refusal to approve the Iranian electoral show would delegitimize Ahmadinejad and Khamenei and renders...  more...

Iranian regime, the War in Gaza and Trita Parsi
[06 Feb 2009]
Parsi's article is a clear example of how pro-Tehran advocacy groups in Washington have pursued two simultaneous goals: to portray the Iranian regime as a victim rather than partly responsible for the Middle East turmoil and to present Israel as the main entity responsible for the impasse in Iran-US relations. In fact, they have "used" the Israeli decoy as an important part of their overall campaign...  more...

Twelve years of pro-Tehran lobby
Twelve years of pro-Tehran lobby [05 Jan 2009]
It is hard to explain how an old report is being recycled by such a prominent group of “Iran experts” and presented as a hot-out-of-oven roadmap for the new President. This puzzling "coincidence" is yet another loop in a chain of coincidental events that has made Trita Parsi the leading light of some influential Iran related circles in Washington.  more...

Iran: America's Sophie's choice
[17 Oct 2008]
Robert Gates has recently admitted that: "I have been involved in the search for the elusive Iranian moderate for 30 years. (Laughter.) I was in the first meeting that took place between a senior U.S. government official and the leadership of the Iranian government in Algiers at the end of October, 1979. Every administration since then has reached out to the Iranians in one way or another and all...  more...

Iranian regime's web of influence
A money trail
Iranian regime [06 Aug 2008]
, how can a wealthy country manage to confront the US and the UN, and at the same time be the recipient of West’s generous support? The credit for that goes to Tehran’s effective web of influence in the US. Here is a glimpse at the web:  more...

Did the NIAC Defraud the National Endowment for Democracy and Congress
[25 Jun 2008]
In fact Hamyaran which organized the workshop is not an NGO but a government initiated false flag agency incepted, initiated, founded and managed by the theocratic regime of Iran. At the time Hamyaran was managed by the Deputy Minister and Under Secretary of Health Hossein Malek- Afzali.  more...

Flirting with the Mullahs
Mohammad Parvin and Hassan Daioleslam
[25 Jun 2008]
Embracing Iranian mullahs or their lobbyists in the US will not bring us closer to peace. It emboldens the war mongers in Tehran. It buys them time to pursue their aggressive strive to gain hegemony in the region and the world. To prevent a disastrous war with Iran, stop mullah’s lobbyists  more...

The Iranian Web of Influence in the United States
[25 Jun 2008]
Shockingly, Balli Group represents the US Corporations Xerox and Caterpillar in Iran, and has numerous partnerships with other US corporations. How could the US companies enter the Iranian market while there are now more sanctions against Iran than there were a decade ago? These companies have profited from the loopholes in the sanction laws. Their actions have been possible because of the lack of...  more...

Pro-Ayatollahs Disinformation and Manipulation Campaign by Washington Think Tankers
[25 Jun 2008]
Dr Takeyh’s writings are the prime example of pro-Iran cerebral advocacy. Through studying Takeyh’s works, we demonstrate how the pro-Iranian circles advance their campaign in the United States. The tactic for CFR and Dr. Takeyh is to fuel a permanent hope that the Iranian power structure is experiencing a self-transformation to a more pragmatic regime that will eventually accommodate international...  more...

Iran’s 2003 Grand Bargain Offer: Secrets, Lies, and Manipulation
[25 Jun 2008]
Couldn't the Swiss ambassador deliver the message directly to the White House without asking for Ney and Parsi’s help? In reality, the Iranian regime had entrusted Parsi and his boss so much that when three years later, in 2006, the situation was worsening again for the regime of Tehran, Parsi was once again given a new (and different) copy of the 2003 offer and called upon to reconstruct the smoke...  more...

Iran’s Oil Mafia: Penetrating the US Political System
[25 Jun 2008]
In 1999, Parsi and Namazi presented a joint paper titled, “Iranian-Americans: The bridge between two nations,” at the DAPIA conference organized by the Iranian government in Cypress.26 This report comprises the manifesto and roadmap of the new Iranian lobby in the US. In this paper, the authors suggest that: “an Iranian-American lobby is needed in order to create a balance between the competing...  more...

The Iranian Lobby and the Israeli Decoy
[25 Jun 2008]
The Iranian regime has always tried to frame its confrontation with International community and its own people, as a battle between Iran and Israel. This strategic campaign is the most visible in the US where Mullahs' advocacy organizations have followed suit and repeated the same arguments, of course dressed up to fit within the boundaries of local laws and norms.  more...

An Iranian Embassy in Boston
[25 Jun 2008]
The United States’ goal is to create a back door channel to the mullahs in Iran, a de facto Iranian embassy. Nevertheless, this “embassy” is acting more like a Trojan horse than an ambassadorial channel. These former diplomats are field commanders for running the mullahs lobby machinery, rather than peace ambassadors bridging nations.  more...

Return from Paradise in the Left Lane
Return from Paradise in the Left Lane [25 Jun 2008]
Through CASMII, segments of the left and the anti-war movement in the United States have channeled their critique of the war and the current US administration to support the most radical elements of the Iranian regime. These American personalities and groups have clearly crossed the line and have become ardent advocates of one of the most notorious dictatorships of the modern history, with no regards...  more...

Congressman Kucinich Must Find a Better Role Model than Bob Ney
[25 Jun 2008]
We note that the two Ohio congressmen have offered different justifications for their friendly gestures towards the Iranian mullahs. While Bob Ney claimed defense of US economic interests, Kucinich offers the more noble cause of preventing war with Iran. If this is indeed true, surely his peaceful inspirations could find a more suitable partner than Trita Parsi. Note that this individual was the advisor...  more...

Ayatollahs’ Lobby In Washington Offering Human Rights as a Negotiating Item
[25 Jun 2008]
The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and its president Trita Parsi plan to organize a panel in the US House of Representatives on July 26th, 2007, titled “Human Rights in Iran and US Foreign Policy Options” [1]. According to the published agenda, representatives from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch will participate. The sponsors of the program (NIAC and Trita Parsi) are key...  more...

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