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Monday 29 May 2017


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Zarif says Iran can defeat US and Israel
Zarif says Iran can defeat US and Israel [02 Nov 2013]
Zarif told parliament that Iran can defeat US and Israel by exploiting the divisions in Washington over Iran. An advisory report to Rouhani recommends enhancing the hands of those political forces in Washington that accept a nuclear Iran and believe policy of pressure against Iran should be abandoned  more...

Reformists disillusioned with Rouhani
Reformists disillusioned with Rouhani [31 Oct 2013]
The growing disenchantment with Rouhani has reached unprecedented levels with the closure of Bahar newspaper and the insults and attack on Mousavi's daughters. The media and online reaction reveals the reformists' anger and disappointment at Rouhani's passivity and inaction.  more...

Iran's second foreign minister
Iran [14 Oct 2013]
Oil Minister Zanganeh introduces himself as Iran's second Foreign Minister because by offering attractive energy contracts to Western oil companies, he can push them to lobby against the sanctions and influence the West's policy with Iran, notably on nuclear issue  more...

Javad Zarif's work plan
Javad Zarif [25 Aug 2013]
Javad Zarif, Iran's new foreign minister vows to exploit divisions in the US Congress over Iran, to revive the anti-Israeli crusade in Washington and to strengthen the Iran lobby in the US.  more...

Al-Monitor, a pro-Tehran website in Washington.
Al-Monitor, a pro-Tehran website in Washington. [24 Jun 2013]
Since its launch in 2012, Al-Monitor has turned into a PR website for the Iranian regime. Majority of its Iranian columnists are regime's pundits, former officials, oil consultants and lobbyists  more...

Iranian terrorism and Tehran apologists
Iranian terrorism and Tehran apologists [30 May 2013]
Argentine prosecutor's warning about Iranian terrorist networks in South America highlights the PR campaign by Tehran apologists who constantly mask the threat posed by Iranian terrorism to US national security  more...

Iranian regime's report projects more lobby in US and support to anti-war groups
Iranian regime [25 Mar 2013]
Iranian government has published a report on Foreign ministry's five years plan to double the regime's lobby in the West, collaboration with "favorable lobby groups" and support to anti-war organizations to influence host country's policy with Iran  more...

Tehran lobby's dilemma: how to explain away Mullahs's new threat to annihilate Israel
Tehran lobby [22 Mar 2013]
As the Supreme Leader utters threats to erase Tel Aviv and Haifa and annihilate their population, the Iranian regime is assured that its lobbyists and pundits in US will find new tactics for damage control and blame Israel and warmongers for provoking Iranian leaders  more...

How to make lots of money in Iran
How to make lots of money in Iran [06 Mar 2013]
Rouzbeh Pirouz is a major shareholder and vice president of Iralco's board of directors. Iralco bartered with Glencore and supplied Iranian nuclear program. In 2010,Pirouz and Tehran lobbyist Namazi spoke at Harvard and promoted business opportunities in Iran  more...

Wilson Center's Iranian business
Wilson Center [14 Feb 2013]
Wilson Center supports and regularly invites speakers who are affiliated with Atieh Bahar, a company with close ties to Iran's economic mafia. Inviting Namazi or Khajehpour to speak about sanctions is like asking BP to speak about the oil leak  more...

itzpatrick and Parsi in UK parliament, an expert and a lobbyist
itzpatrick and Parsi in UK parliament, an expert and a lobbyist [14 Feb 2013]
Fitzpatrick's expertise and balanced testimony contrasted Parsi's agenda driven talk. He pointed to a key element of Iran's nuclear program, a reason why this program is not peaceful. He opposed the idea that the Mullahs be rewarded to fulfill their responsibilities, be transparent and cooperate with IAEA  more...

Esteemed Gary Samore leaves Obama administration
Esteemed Gary Samore leaves Obama administration [01 Feb 2013]
The White House WMD czar Gary Samore is leaving the administration. Samore had a realistic view of Iranian regime and his presence in the White House was a counterbalance to the influence of pro-appeasement lobby  more...

Chasing David Albright
Chasing David Albright [26 Jan 2013]
These days in some Washington circles, it is fashionable to tag as "warmonger", "AIPAC mouthpiece" and "Neocon" if one warns of the peril of Mullahs' nuclear program. Albright is the new victim of this smear campaign  more...

Gary Sick and Iranian regime, a case study
Gary Sick and Iranian regime, a case study  [21 Jan 2013]
Since 1993 when Sick was supported by oil giants and started his advocacy for friendship with Tehran, he has remained the most constant defender of Iranian regime  more...

Could they trick Obama on Iran?
Could they trick Obama on Iran? [17 Jan 2013]
A group of Iran experts, former officials and lobbyists who deceived Obama 4 years ago have launched a new campaign. They are telling that the Iranian Mullahs are ready for compromise and US should accept their red lines, lift the sanctions and secure regime's future  more...

Pentagon Report on Iranian Intelligence agents Who Collaborated with NIAC
Pentagon Report on Iranian Intelligence agents Who Collaborated with NIAC [05 Jan 2013]
The Pentagon reports names two individuals as Iranian intelligence agents. NIAC worked with them and organized a Congressional briefing for them. Also, NIAC worked with editor of Iraninterlink, identified by the report as VEVAK's website  more...

Trita Parsi's "anti war" business
Trita Parsi [01 Jan 2013]
Once again, Trita Parsi of NIAC has asked for money. As usual, he presents himself as a genuine defender of peace and frames his critics (including me Hassan dai) as the stooges of warmongers and neocons who seek the invasion of our country. Parsi's new writing reveals his true nature and deceit.  more...

The "Iran lobby" writes to Obama
The "Iran lobby" writes to Obama [25 Dec 2012]
The letter to Obama that was prepared by NIAC and signed by 24 diplomats and experts, received warm reception in Tehran and the "Iran diplomacy" controlled by the regime's former diplomats published a report with Trita Parsi's picture titled: "Did the Iran lobby in the US speak out?"  more...

NIAC Lost Defamation Case and Sanctioned for Discovery Abuses
NIAC Lost Defamation Case and Sanctioned for Discovery Abuses [15 Sep 2012]
Today, U.S. District Judge John Bates dismissed NIAC’s defamation lawsuit against me. He also sanctioned NIAC for discovery abuses and they are ordered to pay significant part of my legal expenses. During my deposition and in the motions for summary judgment, I reiterated what I have always believed that NIAC and Trita Parsi lobby for the Iranian regime  more...

Fareed Zakaria in wonderland
Fareed Zakaria in wonderland [03 Nov 2011]
Zakaria's trip to Tehran and his media blitz in favor of engagement should be interpreted as a campaign by special interest groups that try to prevent harsher sanctions against the Iranian regime  more...

Appeasement with Iran more harmful than terrorist plot
Appeasement with Iran more harmful than terrorist plot [17 Oct 2011]
These "Iran experts" accuse Obama of "fabricating" or "hyping" the terrorist plot for political gains and possibly a military attack against Iran. This group of experts are easily recognizable due to their "homogenous and coordinated" positions that generally profits the Iranian regime  more...

State Department: The Side Kick in the NIAC show
State Department: The Side Kick in the NIAC show [14 Oct 2011]
The Iranian American community ask the US state Department, how long will this love affair with an organization (detested by the Iranian) whose sole purpose is to undermine the US policies against the Iranian r theocratic regime will continue  more...

Thieves are welcome
Thieves are welcome [04 Oct 2011]
The scandal is not uniquely about Khavari's past association with a terrorist and barbaric regime but more about his new career; In partnership with business and political circles that seek friendship with Tehran, he will become an active lobbyist for the Mullahs' regime  more...

Trita Parsi and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards: Coordination or Competition?
Trita Parsi and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards: Coordination or Competition? [20 Sep 2011]
A secret message delivered to the us by the regime's envoy in London, is exactly the same delivered by Trita Parsi in Washington a day earlier. Shockingly, they both used similar talking points to prevent the designation of Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization  more...

How the Iranian regime profited from 9/11
How the Iranian regime profited from 9/11 [16 Sep 2011]
few weeks after Islamist fundamentalists killed nearly 3000 Americans Bush administration started secret dealing with the Iranian regime, the godfather of Islamic fundamentalism, to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. As a result, the non-Islamist Iraqi regime was removed and the country was handed over to the Mullahs' Islamist proxies  more...

Mullahs bomb versus my American toothpaste
Mullahs bomb versus my American toothpaste [08 Sep 2011]
Outside the country, the "reformist" pundits who control the majority of Farsi media, are divide in two categories; those who respect the regime's red line and remain silent on nuclear issue and those who criticize US and allies for their unfair pressure against Iran  more...

US should apply the Syrian sanctions to Iranian regime's leaders
US should apply the Syrian sanctions to Iranian regime [03 Sep 2011]
Ironically, the same people who prior to the Iranian uprising advised Obama to coexist with Khamenei, remained the administration's privileged interlocutor after the uprising. In a matter of seconds, they turned "Green movement" advocates and advise the administration to not support the movement, continue the failed policy of engagement and discard the possibility of regime change in Iran  more...

How to pale Ahmadinejad's anti-Semitism? Ask NIAC director
How to pale Ahmadinejad [03 Sep 2011]
This astonishing email written by Babak Talebi shows how NIAC planned to manipulate public opinion and US politicians in an effort to pale Ahmadinejad's anti-Semitism and continue to present Iran as a victim of Israel  more...

Marketing the Iranian regime's hostage taking
Marketing the Iranian regime [31 Aug 2011]
NIAC's reaction to two American hikers sentence in Tehran, suggests that it acts like a PR firm for the Iranian regime, formulating and marketing the Mullahs' hostage taking in a way that the public opinion and US politicians respond positively to their blackmail.  more...

Iran analysts or pro-Tehran advocates?
Iran analysts or pro-Tehran advocates? [13 Aug 2011]
Does the Iranian regime need a press bureau in Washington? Not necessarily. There are already a large number of "Iran analysts" and pundits that do the job efficiently. A good example is the reaction to Obama administration's decision to denounce Tehran ties with al-Qaeda.  more...

Damascus butcher or Washington's designated reformist
Damascus butcher or Washington [02 Aug 2011]
In February 2011, the French magazine "Vogue" ran an apologetic report on Assad's wife and her husband titled: "A rose of desert". A month later on March 27, in the midst of Syrian protests and its brutal repression by the regime, Hillary Clinton said on the CBS program “Face the Nation” that "members of the U.S. Congress from both parties believe Assad is “a reformer.”  more...

Iran gives $50 million to Malawi to acquire Uranium
Iran gives $50 million to Malawi to acquire Uranium [31 Jul 2011]
Iran has announced a generous $50 million aid to this small country located in south east Africa. Far from a charity gesture, Iran's aid has a good and valid reason called Uranium.  more...

Airplanes and political influence
Airplanes and political influence [21 Jul 2011]
The recent grounding of an Iranian Airbus at the Birmingham airport in the United Kingdom illustrates the US efforts to tighten sanctions against Iran but, at the same time shows a bizarre inconsistency in American attitude. Those who are sanctioned by US for selling aircrafts to Iran are very welcome here in Washington to spend their money and influence US policy with Iran. In fact, buying political...  more...

Kucinich's penchant for dictators
Kucinich [10 Jul 2011]
Kucinich's recent meeting with Assad and his friendly declarations have sparked a debate on why some politicians use the "peace" and "reform" discourse as a tool to mask their penchant for dictators. The opposition to US foreign policy in the Middle East does not give anyone any excuse to cherish the regional dictators.  more...

The green disillusion
The green disillusion [06 Jul 2011]
The Iranian regime's coming parliamentary elections are nourishing factional animosities inside the regime and causing divide between the so-called leaders of the green movement and what remains of its popular base. Eager to reconcile with the Supreme Leader and participate in the show, these leaders are criticized and rejected by the vast majority of green networks active inside and outside Iran.  more...

Iran experts return to their favorite game
Iran experts return to their favorite game [02 Jul 2011]
Ahmadinejad's demise and the possibility that he could resign or be dismissed before the end of his term, has created a new situation where some "Iran experts" can return to their favorite game: finding a new political figure in Tehran with desired qualifications that will make the regime friendlier with the West. A game that has been masterfully directed from Tehran.  more...

NIAC and Toscano's Congressional briefing
NIAC and Toscano [02 Jul 2011]
Toscano and NIAC try to sell an old merchandise with the same old package. Once again, they try to put the blame on US and argue that the West has not been enough generous with Tehran. Again, they ask for more engagement and more incentives for the Mullahs. But the Obama administration and his European allies tried to reach an agreement with Iran that could reduce tensions and pave the road for "Threshold"...  more...

Ray Takey and Suzanne Maloney lament Ahmadinajad's demise
[02 Jul 2011]
Two of the most renowned Iran experts, Suzanne Maloney of Brookings institute and her husband Ray Takeyh of CFR are lamenting Ahmadinajad's demise in Tehran. In a new article titled " Ahmadinejad’s Fall, America’s Loss" they write: "The Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is being sidelined by religious fundamentalists, and it’s bad news for American officials seeking to halt Iran’s nuclear...  more...

Iranian nuclear defector: A policy failure
Iranian nuclear defector: A policy failure [27 Jul 2010]
The CIA has revealed that Shahram Amiri, the Iranian nuclear “scientist” who returned back to Tehran, was one of the sources for the much disputed “National Intelligence Estimate” in 2007. Amiri’s return has embarrassed the CIA, gave a much needed “victory” to the isolated regime of Tehran and finally strengthened the suspicion that he could have been a double agent from the beginning.  more...

A former Iranian diplomat and terrorist turns to scholar at Princeton
A former Iranian diplomat and terrorist turns to scholar at Princeton [19 May 2010]
The Iranian community, at the very least, demands an explanation from Princeton University and the State Department officials who have offered a VIP entrance for such individuals with known criminal and terrorist backgrounds. It is safe to assume that Mr. Mousavian’s educational credentials and academic achievements could not warrant fellowship and open doors at Princeton!  more...

Trita Parsi: A Green Resurrection
[27 Jan 2010]
Mohsen Makhmalbaf, who has served informally as a Western-based spokesman for Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossen Moussavi told recently to the Washington Times : "I think Trita Parsi does not belong to the Green Movement. I feel his lobbying has secretly been more for the Islamic Republic."  more...

When Trita Parsi lies
NIAC membership
[10 Dec 2009]
Do NIAC and its president represent the Iranian-American? NIAC's internal documents obtained during a defamation lawsuit against me suggest that Parsi has repeatedly lied about his organization's membership.  more...

NIAC’s Smoke Screen and Intimidation Campaign
[08 Dec 2009]
Dokhi Fassihian emailed Trita parsi telling that she will contact NED official to use their resources and “hit me hard”: “I would talk to NED immediately about this and perhaps consult them on how to address this. They will have more resources and avenues to hit him hard.”  more...

Commentary Magazine
NIAC’s PR Offensive
[21 Nov 2009]
As the NIAC and Trita Parsi story unfolds in the wake of Eli Lake’s bombshell story, it is interesting to note just how it might be that many on the Left are simultaneously reaching the same conclusions (e.g., it’s all a neocon conspiracy, Parsi is besieged by an MEK agent).  more...

The Weekly Standard
Parsi: "NIAC Has a Good Name in Iran"
[21 Nov 2009]
Earlier this month, when Rep. Mark Kirk accused Trita Parsi, the Iranian national who heads the oddly named National Iranian American Council, of being a "regime sympathizer," NIAC accused Kirk of making a "slanderous allegation." Yet internal emails reveal that Parsi certainly did not see himself as an opponent of the regime in Tehran. In fact, Parsi was confident that an affiliation with NIAC would be looked upon favorably by officials in Iran.  more...

American Thinker
Trita Parsi: Iran's Nuclear Helper?
[21 Nov 2009]
Trita Parsi, the controversial founder and head of the National Iranian American Council (that may or may not have failed to follow the law in its failure to register as a foreign lobbyist) seems to have had a bit of a career advocating one thing the Iranian regime wants very much: the right to continue its rapidly accelerating nuclear enrichment program.  more...

The Corner on National Review Online
Let the Revisionism Begin
[21 Nov 2009]
Eli Lake broke a story today showing that the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) appears to have acted as a lobbyist for the Islamic Republic, in violation of its tax status and likely also in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Its staff seem to be abandoning the sinking ship.  more...

The Atlantic
Trita Parsi, Lobbyist for Iran
[21 Nov 2009]
A couple of weeks ago, I retracted my assertion that Trita Parsi, the head of the National Iranian American Council, did "leg-work" for the Iranian regime. I was trying to suggest, in a not-so artful way, that Parsi is trying to build his organization into an Iranian version of AIPAC, but "leg-work" seemed, in retrospect, like too harsh a description for his activities.  more...

Documents detail Iran engagement campaign
[21 Nov 2009]
Documents released by the National Iranian American Council in the course of its defamation lawsuit offer an unusually detailed a detailed look at the creation of a coalition that has worked, if with limited success, to steer the Obama administration away with confrontation with Iran and to lift sanctions against the country.  more...

Commentary Magazine
[21 Nov 2009]
Ben Smith, following on Eli Lake’s blockbuster story, has a must-read post on the emerging scandal concerning the mullahs’ favorite front group, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). The issues go far beyond whether NIAC has been illegally operating without registering as a foreign agent, and have ensnared NIAC’s close ally, none other than J Street.  more...

Capital J
Yes, Andrew, Trita Parsi is a story
[21 Nov 2009]
By Ron Kampeas · November 16, 2009 One of the risks of overreaching in a story is that the good, solid stuff gets buried. As I detailed on Friday, I think Eli Lake overreached in his Washington Times expose of the National Iranian American Council; evidence that NIAC should register as a foreign agent of Iran -- or that it lobbies for Iran -- seems, to me, to be sparse.  more...

Congressman Kirk’s remarks about NIAC
[07 Nov 2009]
Congressman Mark Kirk: “As Americans, how can we justify this apparent retreat from human rights? Are discredited arguments by regime sympathizers like NIAC swaying policy decisions by our State Department – even after June 12th?  more...

Gary Sick is angry at Ahmadinejad
[19 Sep 2009]
The Iranian uprising has destroyed the 30 year campaign by Sick and his friends to present the Mullahs regime as democratic and worthy of diplomatic relations. This campaign was necessary to justify the immoral and futile friendship with the Mullahs as part of US policy.  more...

Ray Takeyh will not go to the White House
Ray Takeyh will not go to the White House [01 Sep 2009]
With Ross’s promotion and Takeyh’s return to CFR, the Iranian community could express a sigh of relief. This is also a right step toward protecting US national security.  more...

Obama’ policy toward Iran
[07 May 2009]
In a few months, the Obama administration will be faced with a real dilemma; either leading the world to confront the Iranian regime on the verge of acquiring the deadly weapon or, surrendering to those lobbies who with no hesitation will advance their own agenda to the detriment of US strategic interests. Could Obama resist these powerful lobbies? This is the question.  more...

Brzezinski and the Iranian Bomb
co-written with Keyvan Kaboli
[07 May 2009]
Brzezinski’s past views and judgments on Iran have always had three characteristics: Passing of time have proved them wrong; they profited the Iranian Mullahs; And finally, once his judgments were translated into policy, generations of people in the region have had to pay a heavy price to repair the damage.  more...

Parsi in the Congress: Dark day for the Iranian Community
[19 Mar 2009]
On March 11, Trita Parsi testified before the House International Monetary Policy Subcommittee. He was invited to “enlighten” the lawmakers about the “futility” of sanctions against the Iranian regime. In his testimony, Parsi started to pose as a defender of human rights and the Iranian-Americans. This new posture is obviously an attempt to repair his deep discredit inside the Iranian community....  more...

Iranian regime Recycling circus
[17 Feb 2009]
Mohammad Khatami's recent candidacy for presidency illustrates Mullahs masterful art in selling an archaic political system as an example of good governance and indigenous democracy. The United States has been so far one of the prime consumers of this Iranian "democratic" masquerade.  more...

Trita Parsi at Rutgers University
[27 Jan 2009]
The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University will be hosting a two-day conference1 on the theme of "The Iranian Revolution: Thirty Years" on the weekend of February 7-8th, 2009. Judging by the selection of speakers and considering Rutgers' past activities, we could predict another conference satisfying both the Iranian regime and those who crave for "coexistence" with the Iranian Ayatollahs.  more...

Today's Iran Experts' report was already published in 2007
[18 Nov 2008]
Is it possible that they had no idea the draft suggested to them was already published a year ago under Trita Parsi's authorship? Is it truthful to dispatch this statement through the news wires as a hot out of the oven statement of scholars on national policy?  more...

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