Esteemed Gary Samore leaves Obama administration
Hassan Dai


The White House WMD czar Gary Samore is leaving the administration. Dr. Samore had a realistic view of the Iranian regime and his presence in the White House was a counterbalance to the influence of pro-appeasement lobby.

During a speech at Woodrow Wilson center on January 11th, 2008, Dr. Samore explained the difficulty to engage Iran:

"There is no doubt that there is some people in Iran who would see the kind of incentives the US could put on the table as attractive. But I think the significant part of Iran's power establishment who would find those kinds of carrots to be very unattractive. They would be poisoned carrots because they (Iranian leaders) build their political situation on hostility with the US. And for them, a better relation with US represents a cultural clash and will also weaken their domestic political position."

Later in September 2008, during a CFR conference Samore was more explicate and declared:

"And I'm absolutely convinced, whatever you think about the wisdom of using military force as a last resort, unless the Iranians believe that's a real, serious possibility, I just don't think diplomacy can be effective.  That doesn't mean that we should be threatening them publicly, but as they sit and calculate the odds, unless they believe that that's a real danger, I think whatever we put on the table by way of carrots and inducements is not going to be effective"

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