Confronting Mullahs lobby in court
Hassan Dai


NIAC organization and Trita Parsi have filed a legal complaint against me.   The complaint alleges that as the result of my statements and publications, Trita Parsi's character and reputation were harmed and his standing in the Iranian-American community and beyond were impaired and Parsi suffered mental anguish and personal humiliation. 

During last year, NIAC and Parsi have been challenged by the Iranian community in almost all their public appearances. In February 2008 in a scheduled public event in California, the Iranians confronted the organizers by asking pointed questions.  As a result, Parsi canceled his talk. The situation has made it impossible for NIAC to advocate the wish of the Iranian regime to reduce the West’s pressure on them (under the disguise that this is a wish of the Iranian-Americans”).     NIAC and Prasi then started a misinformation campaign portraying those who do not agree with them and do not believe that appeasing mullahs serve the interest of the Iranian people, as war mongers who wish disaster and war for Iran.  That did not work.   NIAC and Parsi proceeded to slander, threat and misinformation against me and several others who were outspoken in exposing them.  That did not work either.  Hence the law suit. .  Apparently, they believe that they could tangle me down with legal maneuverings and at least silence me. This silence would naturally be a signal to the Iranian community not to challenge Parsi's Lobby enterprise.

I do not know how this trial will proceed.  I am not that well versed with the judicial system and will leave that up to the lawyers.   But I know that it is not me that is on trial here.  This is the trial of any Iranian whose voice was silenced in Iran and abroad so no one hears their cry for truth, freedom and justice.  I have no doubt if mullah's had their way, I would be walking to hanging ropes tied to cranes in the streets of New York and Washington.  I prefer the legal trial. 

I welcome the opportunity for fact discovery that this process provides.  I have many questions to ask Mr. Parsi and friends.   May be it is not me who is on trial here after all!

Hassan Daioleslam

May 8th, 2008

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