The Miserable End of an Iranian Lobbyist in the US
Omid Biniaz

Hooshang Amirahmadi, the president of the Iranian lobby organization AIC (American Iranian Council), has  made several trips to Iran over the past few months.  During  and after these trips Amirahmadi has been interviewed by the Iranian governmental newspapers and media. 



These interviews depict the miserable end of an Iranian lobbyist whose utility for Tehran has ended, and whose credibility in the US is exhausted.   Amirahmadi  until a few months ago used to resolutely deny that he is a lobbyist for Tehran.  However, in these interviews, he desperately tries to convince the readers that he is a friend and trustee of many Iranian officials including Khamenei (that he addresses as the great supreme leader) as well as Ahmadinejad, Khatami, and several other ministers, deputy ministers and high officials.    He brags about first being invited to Iran and hosted by Chamran (one of the notorious founders of Lebanon Hezbollah).   He brags about being the brain behind the ayatollahs' initiatives (such as the "civil society" of Khatami and the peace process of Khomeini and Rafsanjani).   

When the Tabnak reporter tells him that: "you seem not to be very credible in the United States any more", Amirahmadi responds:  "This is because the Iranians instead of empowering the lobby supporting them,  undermine it." .  Amirahmadi then continues to complain about how the Iranians, despite his good service, abandoned him and moved on without him.  

Amirahmadi, and Trita Parsi  (his once director of AIC),  are widely known as the mullahs' lobby in the US.   While Houshang Amirahmadi now openly brags about being an Iranian lobbyist, many other Tehran lobbyists still hide behind made-up titles such as "empowering Iranian-Americans", or civil life advocates.    So is Trita Parsi's episode of desperate confessions next?

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