A former Iranian diplomat and terrorist turns to scholar at Princeton
Hassan Dai

Once again, another former top Iranian diplomat has started an academic career at one of the America’s most prestigious universities. Seyed Hossein Mousavian, Islamic Republic of Iran’s former ambassador to Germany and leading nuclear negotiator is reportedly living in the United States and working as a research fellow at Princeton University. Before him, many other Iranian high ranking officials have been reincarnated as scholars at prestigious institutions of higher education in the United States.

While most of these officials have been involved in various human rights violations and acts of terrorism, Mousavian’s case has particular significance as he was the highest Iranian official in Germany supervising the1992 Mykonos operation in which the Kurdish leaders were massacred in Berlin. Coincidentally, the revelation about Mousavian’s new American life comes shortly after the recent brutal hanging of 5 Kurdish prisoners in Iran.

Once again, the Iranian-American community feels strongly that the Obama administration favors friendship and back door dealing with the Mullahs over moral imperative, clarity and defense of human rights. It is hard to understand why an elderly Iranian should go through several months of background security checking before he is admitted to US for a simple family visit but at the same time, the Iranian known terrorists are granted visas and are offered the prestige and luxury that they surely have not earned and do not deserve.

On the face of it, Mousavian or other former terrorists could claim redemption and reform of character and express remorse, but democratic and human rights principles as well as national security concerns or just simple common sense should mandate that at a minimum, any former official of IRI who is allowed entry to the US and is currently living and working here be required to disclose their past activities, positions held, and specific tasks/assignments that they were charged with during their service at the Islamic Republic of Iran. This should be in a sworn affidavit which can be made public and verified for accuracy.

The Iranian community, at the very least, demands an explanation from Princeton University and the State Department officials who have offered a VIP entrance for such individuals with known criminal and terrorist backgrounds. It is safe to assume that Mr. Mousavian’s educational credentials and academic achievements could not warrant fellowship and open doors at Princeton!

Source: www.iranianlobby.com

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