Iran gives $50 million to Malawi to acquire Uranium
Hassan Dai

There were few Iranians or Americans who had ever heard of a country named Malawi until last week when Iran announced a generous $50 million aid to this small country located in south east Africa. Far from a charity gesture, Iran's aid has a good and valid reason called Uranium. According to "Malawi Voice" the money is to help the country's mining industry dominated by Uranium extraction in northern part of the country.

This is yet another example of Iran's covert global huntfor raw uranium. Since 2005 , the Clerical regime has befriendedZimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe giving awayfuel, money, machinery and other supplies in return for much needed uranium.

The Iranian regime's desperate hunt for raw  uranium highlights the fact that its nuclear program is uniquely designed to acquire the nuclear weapon. Iran's main response to the question of why pursuing such a costly program for a country that owns the second global reserve of oil and gas combined, has been its desire to remain "independent" in case that reserves are ended. Should we believe that Iran's fear of importing oil in a remote future has forced it to depend on raw uranium now.

This simple fact is a signal to those especially in US who defend the Iranian regime's nuclear program as peaceful and symbol of country's independence.

Source: www.iranianlobby.com

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