Trita Parsi and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards: Coordination or Competition?
Hassan Dai

delivered by Trita Parsi in Washington a day earlier. Shockingly, they both used similar talking points to prevent the designation of Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization.


A recently released Wikileaks document show that the Iranian regime's envoy Salamn safavi met with US embassy officials in August 2007 in London and advised the White House to not designate the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO).A day earlier, Trita Parsi published an article and used exactly the same arguments to prevent the IRG designation. Salamn Safavi is the brother of Rahim Safavi who was the commander of the Revolutionary Guards in 2007.

The script for Parsi and Safavi's message was similar, and based on two pillars”

1-Tagging IRGC a terrorist organization will cause turmoil in Iraq;

2-Tagging IRGC a terrorist organization will jeopardize US-Iran chance of improving relations.

Trita Parsi’s message was published on August 14th2007 inanarticleon NIAC’s website. Safavi’s message was delivered on August 15th2007 to American’s officials in a secret meeting in London – revealed in recent wikileaks.

Trita Parsi’s threat toUS was worded as follows:“The White House’s decision to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organization could deal a double blow to efforts to utilize diplomacy with Iran to stabilize Iraq.”

Salman Safavi’s threat was delivered in very similar tone and words: “a USG designation of the IRGC as a terrorist organization would effectively end all interest, or political ability, of the IRGC to cooperate with the USG on Iraqi or Afghan security.”

To the Iranian-American’s who have watched (with disgust) Trita Parsi’s tenacious advocacy of the Iranian regime, statements such as these are not news.Although the precision in timing (one day apart) is puzzling.

Who gets better marks from Ayatollahs Khamenei for advocating Tehran’s interests, Salman Safavi or Trita Parsi?Hard to say.It is a close race.

Salman Safavi's message:


Trita Parsi's message


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